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Monday, March 30, 2009

30 Days Of My Public Journal - Day 21

There's not much to say about these 5 past days. I slept until noon in most cases and I didn't do anything that was worth searing here on the blog. Today was different though. I woke up at about 10.30 even if I wanted to be up at 8, but it's ok, slowly, and in time I will get to sleep less and do more.

I ate a small breakfast and then I went to pay some bills. There are some people that believe that if you spend money on Monday you will spend money all week. I do not believe this. For me, Monday is a good day to spend money and it doesn't mean that I won't get a lot of money that week. I'm not saying that it couldn't be true and you couldn't end up spending money all week because you started that on Monday. I think it's all up to you and all that you think, eventually comes true. If you think it can happen, it will probably happen.

Today, and from now on, my plan is to stay outside more, a lot more, and stay in front of the computer less. I need to take care of my health, because it's the most important thing I got, and without a proper health, there's not much you can do. I made a simple plan to do more things that are simple but important for me that will both improve my health and bring an overall improvement in my personal development. I hope it works!

Here are a couple of the things I want to do every day from now on:

Stay out of the house for at least 1 hour each day - this may not be a problem for you, but it has become a huge problem of mine. I had days when I wouldn't even go out of the house.

Workout for at least 30 minutes daily - I have periods when I do this for 3-4 days and then slack of. I need to do it day in and day out to stay in shape. The simple fact that I didn't do this daily has made my body a lot weaker and I'm now going through the 3-rd cold this year! I never, ever had 3 colds in the same year. This is a clear sign that I must do something.

Read personal development books for at least 30 minutes daily.

Secret thing - this is personal (at least for now). I will share this with you later.

Read other books like novels for at least 30 minutes daily. Reading other types of books is a good thing as it opens me to new ideas, concepts and ways of seeing things and if it will make me improve my personal development then it's a good thing to do.

Wash my teeth 1 hour after each meal.

Read at least 2 words from the Dictionary daily (on of my goals is to read the Dictionary at least once).

Read at least 1 page of the Bible daily - I already read more than half of the Bible and I want to finish it. It's truly The Book Of Books and I enjoy reading it.

Sleep for about 6 hours daily. This is one of the hardest things I want to do, as my sleeping habits are so bad right now, but I know I can do it with a lot of effort. In time I will sleep 6 hours or less per night.

Not more than 4 hours per day in front of the computer. This will dramatically improve my health, as on average I stayed in front of the laptop for about 9 hours! Today I will stay less than 4 hours :) so I'm doing well.

Listen to a personal development audio for at least 30 minutes per day. I think that reading is not enough and I want to also listen to some personal development audios.

This is my simple, little plan. I want to make it work and change things around. We will see what happens.

I embrace you,

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

30 Days Of My Public Journal - Days 9-15

March 18 2009

I woke up at 8.30 (my second day of waking up at a reasonable hour, do I hear fireworks :)) I watched some TV while I was eating. I did some work today and that's a good thing. I got to bed at about 23.00 because tomorrow I will head for Bucharest as one of my friends is celebrating his birthday and has invited me and Diana over.

March 19-24 2009

On the 19-th I went to Bucharest and all day I was out for some shopping with Diana. Friday, the 20-th, me, Diana and Costin (the friend who's birthday we are celebrating) were all day in the kitchen making the yummiest food you could eat. We had cake (the best one I ever ate), chicken, beef, etc. It was a fun day, although it was a little tiring, it was worth it.

The birthday started at about 21.00 when the rest of Costin's friends came and we started eating and drinking. It was a great night. but at about 03.30 I just couldn't keep myself up and I doze of for a while. The next day we all woke up after noon (almost all the guests slept over). This day was a full day of movies and I think that we watched over 7 movies that day.

The 22-th was the day I had to return back home. We woke up at 11.00, ate and started playing some Conquiztador, a pretty popular game now. At about 14.30 I left for the bus station. It was funny to be back home again. I had lots of fun and I should do this often.

23 March was a day of work, Feng Shui reading, Heroes playing and eating. It passed fast as I woke up at about 10.00. The 24-th wasn't very different from yesterday. Woke up at 11.30 I think and I started playing (it turned out to be a whole playing day).

I didn't get to write more these days, but I had lots of fun and that's great. See you tomorrow!

I embrace you,

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

30 Days Of My Public Journal - Day 8

March 17 2009

Woke up at 8.30, a new personal best for the last 7 days. Had breakfast and watched a half hour of TV and then started working (finally, I started working again). I worked until 11.40 with a 10 minutes break from the computer at 10.00. Then 30 minutes of Heroes and ate lunch with my grandmother and my little cousin, Mihaela, who is in the first grade.

After a funny lunch (funny because of Mihaela who does everything so fast, talks fast, writes fast, talks when she should be eating...) she watched 20 minutes of cartoons and I read about Feng Shui. Then started making her homework and I helped until 14.55 when we both took a well deserved break.

The rest of the day I read about Feng Shui, played some Heroes, watched a little Harry Potter and wrote this very short post. My cough seems to be getting better, but it's just day 2 of the sirop and I hope that by day 7 I will be completely cured.

I watched Oprah form 22.00 to 22.50 and I saw a couple of amazing people and cases, but there was one that really left a mark. It was the case of a beautiful woman who suffered a car accident which burned 60% of her body and left her with a desfigured face. And although this woman suffered such a dramatic blow, you know what she said? She said that she is glad to be alive so that she still has time to do all the things that she wouldn't have done if she died.

She also said that she only cries 5 minutes per day. Her cousin sees her crying and says: "Your time is up." and she laugh while she said that. She sees such beaty in life as not many people see. She sees herself as she was before, in the inside, although her outside is not that anymore. This left me with shivers down my spine. If she wants to live a full life, then us, the people who are healthy, shouldn't we live life to its fullest and treat it like a wonderful gift?

I embrace you,

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Monday, March 16, 2009

30 Days Of My Public Journal - Day 7

March 16 2009

The day started at 10.36 for me with a small breakfast of some good cakes. After that I started reading from Og for about an hour until 11.40. I took a break from reading and just lied down in bed for a while. I ate lunch and then my grandmother asked for my help. She needed someone to cut some of the branches of the tree that was lying in the courtyard. I've sad I would help and went outside.

I cut branches for about 2 hours from 13.00 to 15.00, after which I realized I can do something great with a couple of branches. I'm not going to spill it out because my girlfriend maybe reading this and it's a little surprise for her (sorry, Diana, but I'm not going to tell you what it is :) It was 16.00 when I finished the whole thing and went inside the house and watched a half hour of Walker, Texas Ranger.

I played a half hour of Heroes and at about 17.00, my uncle called to ask me if I could go to a local store and buy something for him, so there I went. About half hour later I was back home and started reading about Feng Shui as I'm really interested in this topic. I will try to write a couple of posts on this topic, with things that might help you as well. Whenever I find out something useful and interesting I will write it down and when I have a couple of good things to share with you I will post it here on the blog.

At about 18.00 I took my cough sirop, because I have this annoying cough for almost 4 weeks now and I bought a 95% natural sirop and I hope I will get rid of it. Then my uncle came and took what I had bought for him and we also talked a bit. It was 19.20 when I started working out. Then I opened the laptop and droped some entrecard cards and just browsed until about 20.20, when I started to write this post so that I wouldn't forget what I had done until this hour.

After writing a big chunk of this post I've played Heroes for 1 hour and a half and Championship Manager for another 40 minutes. It's now time to put this post on the blog as it is almost 24.00. This 30 days trial is turning to be a real self discipline exercise for me as I have to write most of what I do everyday and it requires a level of effort, even if that is small, it's still an effort. I'm glad I've chosen to do this and I'm sure that good things will come out of this in the near future.

I embrace you,

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