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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How To Live A Better Life - 13 Ways To Live A Better Life Today!

Every day is a piece of this puzzle called life and it's great when we succeed in placing a piece right were it should be, but we often hurry in our quest to complete the puzzle and we just forget to fully live those amazing moments after we placed that piece. Maybe we shouldn't hurry so much and live the wonderful life we were meant to live, every day! Here are 13 steps to living your wonderful life:

1. Want to live a better life? Then make a list.

Make a list of all the things that you love to do. What are the things that excite you, that make you happy when you do them? Write them down on a piece of paper, in the order of importance for you. You can make a list of 20-50 things, so that you have many options to choose from.

Please sit down right now and write the list. It shouldn't take you more than 5-10 minutes because you already know what you like to do, you just didn't put it on paper before.

After you done this, pick 3-5 activities from the list. These are now your goals for today. You must do them today. Fit them into your schedule and do them.

2. Did you go walking today?

If you didn't, then you should. Walking is one of the most relaxing things you could do. Take time each day for a short 10-30 minutes walk through a park near you or a place that you like. This will make you calmer, happier and clearer.

Go walking for a better life right now. Bookmark this page so that you can read it later and close the computer. And go. Don't wait. Don't postpone or hesitate. You will feel great afterwards.

3. Are you a singer?

If you are, congratulations. You must be very happy. Singing has a way of making people feel good.

Even, if you are not a singer, you can sing your favorite songs while you are in the shower, in the chicken preparing breakfast, while you are walking to work (if you are worrying that others will look at you, don't, you aren't singing for them, you are singing for your own pleasure and relaxation). Include singing in almost any activity and you will be more relaxed.

4. Learn new things often

The simple fact of learning something new makes some people very, very happy. If you feel good and I hope you will, about learning new things then do it. Learn how to dance if don't know that yet. Or you could try to learn mambo or cha-cha or any other dance.

It will be so fun and you will feel so good. Why not do it? Start now.

5. Help others feel better.

Maybe you know this. Helping others feel better will make you feel the same way. It's just a law of the universe. What you give comes back to you, usually in a greater form than what you initially gave.

Set yourself the goal to help at least one person a day, no matter what this help means: it could mean helping someone at work finish a project earlier or helping your wife/husband with something you know they need help and would enjoy your helping hand.

6. Make your own mistakes!

Try to make as many mistakes as possible in life! Maybe you weren't expecting this as a step to living a better life, but it's a corner step of achieving this. Try to do different things so that you gain experience in some areas.

Don't just do something and hope you make a mistake, try to do everything great, but learn from your mistakes. The people that are really fulfilled with their life, are the ones that made the biggest and greatest number of mistakes through their lives and they learned from each one of them.

So, go ahead and make some mistakes and don't be afraid of this. Remember, every mistake you learn from is a giant step towards your goals.

7. Love.

Love your family. Love your half. Love your friends. Love your neighbors. Try to love everyone around you. All your love will change the world you live in. Love just has this power of making things right and beautiful. If you love, you will feel love. Love comes back to you a thousand times stronger.

8. You deserve it!

Every time you do something good, something that makes you feel good, try to hold on to that feeling. Relax and take a break from what you have to do. Enjoy this moment of victory and let the feeling of joy sink into yourself. You deserve this. Offer yourself a reward every time you do something good.

It can be anything from an ice cream to a trip in Hawaii. By rewarding yourself you will be motivated to continue doing good things and you will remember easily the things that you've done in the past because of the rewards.

9. Give.

Give gifts to the ones that you love. Give money or something to eat to people that aren't so fortunate as you. Give a smile to people you pass by on the street. Give kind words. Compliment someone if they have something you like or enjoy having as well.

10. I embrace you!

Embrace anyone you feel like. Embrace your family, friends, work colleagues, people on the street. The power of an embrace if so great that it could save a man from committing suicide just because you cared about him. Never underestimate the power of this simple and small things called embrace. Do it and you will feel it's power back on yourself.

11. The children therapy

Spend a part of each day besides children. Go and sit in the park an watch small children playing or go to a kinder garden and listen to their joy. We all have so much to learn from children. They are the best "happiness" teachers in the world. Just look at how innocent they are and how they give joy to anyone that wants to take it. Take lessons from them and try to feel joy as they do.

12. Don't hurry to complete the puzzle.

You are not in a competition with anyone. The only one that you could be in competition with and that could stop you from living the wonderful life you should be living,

You have all the keys to all the doors, either the doors inside you or the doors outside you. Any door that seems locked isn't in fact locked, you just didn't give it a proper boost (shove).

13. Read Blog often :)

This blog and the site are here for you. My goal is to provide all the help I can to make you be able to improve your life and make it something you are proud of.

I want to help you, but my intention is to help you learn how to fish, rather than just give you a fish and make you come again tomorrow for another and so on. I want you to find what you are looking for here, to get the answers to your questions and if you like what you've read, come back, if not it's ok. I want what is in your best interest, not mine. This is what this site is all about. You and your quest for personal development. I'm here so that your quest is a little easier.

I want to help you because I love helping others, and as soon as I help you I will have helped myself as well. It's a wonderful feeling that I get after trying to give a helping hand to someone. I just can't explain it in words.

This is why you should stop by often if you feel that this site is helping you feel better, grow and transform your life into a more fulfilling one.

PS: Another thing that is very, very important is to learn to relax. This is crucial! To help you out, you can go to some
relaxation workshops to learn how to relax.

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I embrace you,
Razvan Dobre

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  1. Well to be honest! The artcle is wonderful and it covers all aspects of life. When we are in this world for living, so why not to enjoy living all the goodness of life and have a attempt for prevention of diversity in our lifes.
    A H


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