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Thursday, September 25, 2008

28 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Clean Your House/Room

Cleaning the house can sometimes require a great motivation. When we see that big pile of things that need to be sorted out, we usually say "I'll do it later". I think most of us face these things before starting to clean our house or room (I know I need motivation to start) and this is why I've gathered all the tips and ways to motivate yourself to clean the house that I could think off and usually use plus all the things other people seem to use to motivate themselves. I hope it helps both you and me.

1. Listen to music

For some people, listening to music is a good motivator to clean their house. I doesn't always work, but you should at least give it a try and see how it goes for you. Put your favorite music in a playlist (maybe you could include here the most motivating songs for you) and start cleaning.

2. Set rewards

Setting a reward for a job well done can sometimes motivate you to do the job. Promise yourself a big, juicy reward after you've cleaned your home. Make it something that you always wanted to get but postponed. It doesn't really have to be something expensive, it has to be something that creates a desire in you to have it. The desire will make you clean your house or room.

3. Ask for help

Call someone to help you with the cleaning and do the same for them. It's much easier to have a helping hand. It makes cleaning fun and easier.

4. Chat with a friend

If you can't find anyone that would came and help, at least get someone to just talk to you while you clean up. Talking to someone makes you keep your mind busy and you will be distracted from the "tough" job you are doing to the little chat that you are having with your friend.

5. Start a competition

If you have a roommate then challenge him/her to a time duel: who ever finishes cleaning his part of the room/house first will receive a reward from the other one. If you don't have a roommate, you could do this with a friend or with someone that is also cleaning his home at the same time as you. You can call him/her from time to time to see how things are going. These calls will also motivate you.

6. Get in the Guinness Book

If you can't find anyone to compete against, then compete against yourself. Try to constantly beat your own cleaning record. Set a timer and see how long it takes you to clean a part of the house or the entire house and then beat that time.

7. Invite someone over

Nothing motivates people into cleaning up their houses more than the chilling thought that people are going to see the dirty room/house they live in. Don't just call a friend over that you have no actual fear about. Call your grandmother or grandfather or your parents, anyone that will make you clean up.

8. Work out

Do a little work out before you start or even go running for a couple of minutes. This will give you energy and motivation that need to be spent. It's about that great feeling that you get after you work out or run, you feel like you could actually fly. Use that feeling to get the job done.

9. Visualize the clean room/house

Imagine that your room/house is clean. Close your eyes and see everything clean and tidy and right were their supposed to be. Try to even feel the fresh sent of cleanness and actually touch a couple of clean things while you are imagining this.

Seeing the house clean will make you more motivated into actually cleaning it and because you already saw it you know that it's possible to be cleaned no matter how hard this may seem now. Also, by using your imagination you have actually made a mental plan, a map of how you should arrange everything in the room. Follow the map and get started.

10. Buy something

Buying something new before they start cleaning seems to motivate some people into actually starting to clean. I think it's the energy that a new thing brings to us. You can try this and see if you can use that energy towards cleaning your house.

11. Turn cleaning time into fun time

Turn your cleaning into a fun game. You could try to throw as many things possible for 15 minutes. Then you could arrange some things for the next 15 minutes. Count the number of things you arranged and give yourself points for each one.

12. Take a break

Schedule some breaks along the way and go get yourself a cup of coffee or watch TV. Do whatever you like in your breaks, just don't do it for more than 10-15 minutes. You will recharge your batteries and be ready to get back to cleaning with new energy.

13. Do it all in one giant effort

Without looking back start doing whatever you can until you fall down. Throw out stuff, arrange it, clean it until you feel tired and only then look behind and see how well you've done. Doing something without taking a break or stopping to think about which step in next and so on, motivate some into doing things. Most of us like to get things done fast and we get a great feeling when we complete tasks this why, so why not try it on cleaning too?

14. Vary your schedule

Making a new, improved schedule each time your clean the house will help you into staying interested in keeping your home clean. Also doing things in a new way will greatly motivate you.

15. Do the important things first

Ask yourself: what are the things that if done would make this room/house look cleaner and ease my job? The answers to this are the first things you should be doing. Doing this first will break your mental block (that little voice that is telling you that you won't get the house cleaned, that it's too much work etc) and you will be able to continue cleaning with more motivation and energy.

16. Put things in order

Buy boxes or containers so that you can put all your things in order. This will help you get motivated to clean because you know that you have where to put all your stuff.

17. 15 minutes tidying

For 15 minutes, on the clock, do some tidying. Begin at the door of a room or wherever you feel comfortable starting and move clockwise until the time runs out. Then take a break and repeat the process until you either have finished the job or are tired of it.

18. Do one thing at a time

I've found this little story here and I thought it would be useful:

"My sister went through a phase (at 27, mind you, not a kid) of not tidying her room. It really got her down. So one day, while she was sat on the bed moaning about what a mess it was, I told her to pick up the pair of socks she had her feet on. She did, while continuing moaning. 20 minutes later, simply by making her pick up one thing and deal with it, the floor was tidy, without her even realizing she's done it.

Moral - do literally one thing at a time, and do something to distract you while you do it. Maybe even just start at the doorway, and work your way in?"

19. Talk to a professional

If any of these tips here don't seem to work for you, maybe you should consider talking to a professional organizer to see if this approach helps you. It's worth a try.

20. Watch home improvement TV shows

This can help in the way that you could get some new ideas on how to better clean your home, how to arrange stuff and you could learn of new tools and ways to make it all easier.

21. Set goals

Make a list of goals. Be sure to make them realistic and achievable. You could set yourself the goal of cleaning a part of the house today instead of trying to clean the entire house. Or you could have a goal of sorting some things from your house or anything you want. The point is to set goals and achieve them until you finished cleaning your house.

22. Think of unusual approaches

Start thinking of your own approaches to the whole cleaning thing. You could even combine two or three ideas together and form a whole new one that fits you. You won't know how helpful this could be until you try.

23. Keep your tools close

Make sure that you always have all the things that you need close at hand. Make a list of the things you will need for cleaning a room and keep those things close to you so you don't have to lose any time looking for them when you need them.

24. Plan some changes

You could make cleaning a fun experience by incorporating change into the process.
Every time you clean you can make some changes in a room or the entire house. This little idea can motivate you to start cleaning, knowing that your house will look different in the end.

25. Throw it all out

Some people get motivated by throwing things they don't need out. Just grab a bag and start throwing out all the things that you don't need anymore. You just might find this as being very motivating.

26. Use carpet scents

Buy a carpet scenter that you enjoy and requires vacuuming. Sprinkle it on your carpets and you will have no choice but to vacuum them to get that special smell. Some people find that this motivates them into vacuuming and generaly cleaning their homes.

27. Try a new cleaning tool/product

Trying something new is fun and cleaning makes no exception to this. Buy yourself the new cleaning wonder and test it to see how it goes. Try to make your work easier by getting tools that do the job for you or at least make your chores a lot easier.

28. Search for websites that help you

Do a search on google for "how to clean my house" or something related and you will get a lot of sites that can help you make cleaning more efficient. Seeing that it can be done easier you will more motivated to clean your home.

What other things motivate you to clean your house/room?

I embrace you,
Razvan Dobre

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  1. LOL! what i've learn... lol

    laundry has a habit of multiplying while your not looking... :)

  2. I guess we'd better keep an eye on it then :)
    Thanks for the laugh, StarFish. I appreciate it!

    I embrace you,

  3. I must admit, i find the best way is to wait long enough until somebody else does it for me... tch tch tch


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